We believe one of the most critical factors in the successful execution of projects is the choice of people who are assigned to the project. We firmly believe that our competitive edge is derived from our people. In line with this belief, we have a very exciting career development program in place. We believe that people have to be given a fair ground for professional progress. We reap direct benefits of the progress and career development of each individual. Our Career Development program is designed to support individuals through a process of self-evaluation, goal setting and career planning. This process helps each person to understand their career objectives and how to progress towards them.

If you are looking for an exciting career with a company which truly believes in caring for its employees, Orionis is the place to be.

Leadership and Management

We believe that leadership is directly proportional to your words and deeds. We are following a 'Make It Happen' work culture. Our management is always trying to keep right people in the organization and we are self-critical. We, promote a transparent, dedicated, honest and diligent work culture. Continuous improvement is a mantra in every area of our work.


Our management team has a successful record in entrepreneurship, senior management, technical innovation, and advisory roles at leading information-technology firms. Our experience in management, leadership and technology has led to the innovation and development that underlie in our products.

Current Openings

Last updated on:- 29/January/2016

We have started our new recruitment process. Openings are for.
1) Software Sales & Marketing professionals having 2 yrs and above experience

How to apply

Orionis values diversity in the workplace and provides a supportive environment for all employees. Orionis is an Equal Opportunity Employer .
To apply, please forward your resumé to: or contact us on 0484-4020607/8